If you come in Japan, don’t forget to go and see a baseball match. Even if you don’t know anything about baseball, the experience is worth it. The most interesting does not really lie on the pitch (unless you’re a fan of this sport), but all around. First the fans are just great, singing, dancing, waving… all this in a very ordered and friendly manner. Second the “beer girls” are a wonder on their own… I’ll share a few pictures of them later, I swear:)

Gear used: Nikon D700 + 24mm f2.8D

What about a baseball match ?

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- Lucky enough to have spent the last 6 years of my life in Tokyo, I spend a lot of time wandering through this always amazing city, a camera and a couple of lenses in my bag, mostly Nikon... for the time being. Brand Ambassador : ASUS Inc (Photography)