Haruna Shrine

Haruna Shrine is a Shinto shrine and famous for its Spiritual Power Spot. This shrine is said to have been built about 1,400 years ago and is located in Mt. Haruna, one of the “Three Mountains of Jomo.” The Haruna Shrine is dedicated to gods that give blessings for world peace, bountiful grain harvests, prosperous business, and marriage. Along the way to the shrine you will be able to enjoy a beautiful 3 story pagoda as well as the gorgeous Misuzu fall blessing the Haruna river with its stream. While not easily accessible Haruna Shrine features some of the best woodwork in the region and quickly becomes a feast for your eyes if you pay enough attention to each little details and carvings.


Japan, 〒370-3341 Gunma-ken, Takasaki-shi, Harunasanmachi, 8-4-9

+81 27-374-9050

7 a.m. ~ 6 p.m.

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