Iwakiyama Shrine

Iwakiyama Shrine is a Shinto Shrine in the city of Hirosaki in the Aomori prefecture and located at the feet of Mt Iwaki, which is also considered to be part of the Shrine itself. There are not a good record on when the Iwakiyama Shrine was founded as the shrine itself was said to be founded before such practice by the local Emishi tribes.
However, the first record available to us seems to establish that the Shrine was rebuilt in the year 800 and with several subsidiary shrines all around the Mt Iwaki. The beauty of Iwakiyama Shrine resides in its gorgeous approach and Sanmon (gate) as well as its Heiden (compound use to house offering) which was built during the early Edo period.

Finally,Mt Iwaki is easily accessible via a dedicated chairlift, however, climbing to the very top of Mt Iwaki itself requires some very good hiking shoes as the slopes can be very treacherous!


27 Terasawa, Hyakuzawa, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori, 036-1343, Japan

+81 172-83-2135


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