Myojo-ji Temple

Founded in 1294 by the Japanese saint Nichizo, a disciple of the Nichiren Sect, the Myōjō-ji Temple (Also known as Myojoji) is located in Noto Peninsula near Wajima and is now the head temple of the Nichiren Sect.

Myōjō-ji Temple consists of a set of large buildings, set on atop a hill, which were created over the centuries. One of them is the priest’s living quarters, built in 1593, and some of the more striking ones include the Goju-no-To (35m tall 5 storied pagoda) built in 1618 and the Joroku-do Hall, located at the very far end of the temple. Here you can admire a 5m tall wooden statue of Shakamuni Buddha erected in 1686.

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