Noto Kongo Coast

The Noto Kongo Coast is a 14km long rock formation along the Sea of Japan and located on the west side of the Noto Peninsula below Wajima City. Facing tough elements like harsh winds and the wrath of the wild ocean, the Noto Kongo Coast is considered by many as one of the most beautiful coastal scenes of the Noto Peninsula.

While it may be difficult to give you an exhaustive list of all the best spots to visit, we can advise you to go and check Hatago Iwa rocks, which like Meoto Iwa, featured on our Ise coverage, are joined by a Shimenawa rope, rope used in Shinto to mark the presence of sacred spirits.

Another interesting spot would be the Ganmon Rock formation where Ganmon means ‘gate rock’. You can either visit the place on foot or, if you have enough time, enjoy a nice little boat ride to get a unique view of the area.

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