Yoshimie-dera or Yoshimiedera (善峯寺) is a temple of the Tendai school of Buddishm located in the mountains of Kyoto’s western ward of Nishikyō-ku which overlooks the city.

Established in 1029 as a personal retreat for a priest from Enryakuji, named Gesan, Yoshimie-dera was destroyed in 1467 during the Omin war and later rebuilt in 1621. The temple’s main objects of worship are a Kannon statue carved by Gesan himself and a Kannon statue given to the temple by Emperor Gosuzaku in 1042.

Surprisingly unpopular among foreign tourists, Yoshimie-dera is an amazing and spacious temple featuring many buildings and protected by a surrounding forest that, once a year in autumn, give you one of Kyoto’s most amazing scenes.

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