Oze Marshland

Oze Marshland, also known as Ozegahara is a 8km² marshland located in Gunma prefecture, and at about 1,400 meters above sea level. Being one of Japan’s most popular national parks, Oze is easily one of the best places to go and enjoy nature away from the city.

Difficult to access, the Oze marshland, is hard to describe in words as this place is magical and beautiful at the same time! Waking up at 4am to be able to enjoy the sun rising over the marshland and surrounded mountains is pure bliss and, despite the hours of torture we had to endure to reach the area, the team at TokyoStreetView can’t wait to visit the place again.

Closed during winter, visiting Ozegahara during the rest of the year is not that easy, so make sure to get the proper gear, including a good pair of hiking shoes, suitable clothes, walking sticks, and a lot of water! While you can find a few hotels that will keep you warm at night, please be reminded that Ozegahara is a national park and as such you are asked to carry back home your trash and be respectful of nature. But remember, no pain no gain, and we can’t recommend Ozegahara highly enough for a visit!

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