Wajima Lacquer

Japanese lacquer is one of the most famous and amazing craftworks that one can enjoy or, better still, own. Most often delivered in a simple form like a bowl or a cup, Japanese lacquer is one of the most complex forms of craft, or shall we say art, that you can imagine.

While Japan offers many “Lacquer” capitals, Wajima, located in Ishikawa prefecture, is very famous for the extreme complexity of its style of Japanese lacquer, and offers its very own type of lacquer also called Wajima Nuri.

Depending of the craftsperson, or artist, creating a lacquer object like a bowl, a bento box or tea cup, can involve as many as 200 steps spanning anywhere from 2 to 5 years.

It is thanks to the centuries of experience that Wajima Nuri quickly become a beacon of excellence in Japanese lacquer. In the small city of Wajima there are around 1,500 professionals dedicated to this art, as it is a central part of the city’s cultural heritage.

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