Uchiko Wax Museum

Also known at the Kamihaga residence, the Uchiko Wax museum is the birthplace and former workshop of the Kamihaga family and their Japanese Wax empire. Unlike many other wax manufacturers around the world, the Uchiko Kamihaga family wax was in fact pure vegetal wax coming from sumac tree berries and mainly used in candles, soaps, cosmetics as well as hair products. While the vegetal wax business is far from being as important as it used to be, Japanese vegetal wax is still used today in some rare occasions in the shape of high end candles or when preparing sumo wrestler chonmage.


2696 Uchiko, Kita District, Ehime Prefecture 791-3301, Japan

+81 893-44-2771

9 a.m. ~ 4:30 p.m.


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