Shirahama Shrine

Located along the east coast of Izu towards Shimoda on route 135, Shimoda hides a gorgeous little shrine sitting right by the beach. Although it is rather small in size, the Shirahama Shrine is none the less full of surprises. Accessible by a small bridge, the shrine’s entrance will welcome you with a large red torii sitting next to a several centuries old tree which still stands proudly after being damaged many times by natural disasters. While Shirahama Shrine’s main hall is clearly visible to all, only the very curious visitors will find a small passage that will guide them deep into the shrine’s forest and to the top of its hill to enjoy yet another hall, heavily protected, where god is suppose to rest.

But by far the most famous part of this shrine is in fact located hundreds of meters away from it, on Shirahama Beach and where another red torii is standing still and proudly facing the wrath of the sea. And since we always like a good teaser, this very same torii and beach will be covered on another soon-to-come video of Shirahama!

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