Every Saturday in December a nice firework is shot from one of the islands lying near the Rainbow Bridge. The weather is usually chilly but the view from Odaiba beaches is unique. These shows are also a very unique occasion to face some of the strangest “Japanese organizational skills”: before the fireworks all the terraces and pedestrian areas in and surrounding the two big shopping malls along the shore are closed. Even restaurants and cafes aren’t allowed to open their terraces to their own customers when the fireworks is being fired. Security guards forbid any access to all the easiest places to enjoy the show. And on the shore, the same guards will hunt for everyone daring to install his tripod to close to the water… Some may find it overly cautious and strict, but things often work like this in Japan.

Gear used: Fujifilm X-T3 + 16mm f1.4

A few fireworks to end 2018 with style

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