Located on the north part of Tsukishima 月島 or the “moon island” , Tsukudajima was an island of its own and separated from Tsukishima over 100 years ago. But due to the construction in Tokyo bay, the local authorities decided to redraw Tokyo’s coastline by joining several island together.

Tsukudajima is perhaps better known now for its residential high complexes and huge elementary school. Thankfully though, you can still find some old remnants of Tsukudajima and its pier, next to the Sumiyoshi Shrine and Moriinari Shrine with what is now a small L waterway connecting the old village to the Sumida River. Additionally there is also a splendid view of Tokyo Skytree.

Frozen in time Tsukudajima will give you a taste of what Tokyo’s small fishing village used to be, and if you have a bit of time please stretch you legs along the Sumida river and enjoy a breathtaking view!

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