Tokyo Imperial Palace – Part 2

Here you are, the second part of our “virtual tour” of Tokyo’s famous Imperial Palace. Known in Japanese as Kōkyo Higashi Gyoen (皇居東御苑), the Imperial Palace’s east gardens are part of the inner palace, open to the public all year long. Here you will find the remains of the former Edo Castle in the form of the honmanru (main circle) and ninomaru (secondary circle) that were used to form the castle’s defense.

For several centuries, the Edo castle used to be home to some of the most famous Japanese Shoguns, including the Tokugawa shogunate who ruled Japan from 1603 to 1867, as well as the Emperor Meiji from 1868 to 1888.
While it is really unfortunate that the Japanese government has yet to rebuild the castle in its original shape, the surrounding area instead offers a quiet, gorgeous park where anyone is welcome. While you take a rest and enjoy the tranquility, it’s easy to forget that you are sitting in one of the most important historical and cultural sites in Japanese history.

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