I discovered sumo in Japan. The tournaments are broadcasted live on NHK every afternoon… they’re hard to miss. I quickly felt attracted to this discipline, so japanese, and so opened to the world. As we write those lines, three Yokozuna (great champions) have been appointed by the sumo federation. All three of them are from Mongolia, including the one (Hakuho) performing the Dohyo Iri ceremony on this picture. The katana carried by one of his assistants symbolizes the samurai status of the Yokozuna.

Gear used: Nikon D700 + 70-200mm f/4

Big boys and traditions

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- Lucky enough to have spent the last 6 years of my life in Tokyo, I spend a lot of time wandering through this always amazing city, a camera and a couple of lenses in my bag, mostly Nikon... for the time being. Brand Ambassador : ASUS Inc (Photography)