Zuishinmon Gate

Our last video on the Togakushi shrine will be dedicated to not a shrine itself but to one of its gates, the famous Zuishinmon Gate (随神門). Zuishinmon Gate is in fact part of the Togakushi-Okusha (奥社) located far off in the Togakushi village forest, and rather difficult to access, especially in winter. In fact, the Togakushi-Okusha (奥社) is actually the least attractive shrine of the three, due to its concrete modern construction and its many surrounding restaurants.

However the path to access this temple is one of the most gorgeous you can enjoy in Japan in winter with a several-kilometer long pathway surrounded by over 300 majestic old Cryptomeria trees. Halfway along you will find the splendid red Zuishinmon Gate (随神門) which has, once covered by snow, a true beauty of its own.

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