Sunpu Castle and Momijiyama Garden

Located in Shizuoka City, Sunpu Castle, is also known as Fuchi Castle and on some occasions the “Castle of the Floating Isle” because of its design and surrounding moats. It was supposedly built between 1560 and 1585 by Tokugawa Ieyasu. Burned down in 1653, most of the Sunpu Castle has been rebuilt, including the castle gate and other buildings, but strangely not the Donjon.

Despite being a recent addition to the castle grounds, the Momiji-yama Garden (or Momijiyama Garden) is a nice little garden where you can enjoy a small reproduction of Mt. Fuji surrounded by some tea trees mimicking the tea industry around the iconic mountain. Rather compact the garden is still a pleasant surprise and a nice way for you to get some rest while enjoying some of Shizuoka’s finest green tea!

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