Suruga Nuri Geta

Geta are perhaps Japan’s most iconic footwear, despite actually being a Chinese creation, and a piece of the cultural heritage still widely used today in modern Japan.

Available in different forms and shapes, the traditional geta here is, thanks to Sano-san and his daughter Hitomi, given a little make-over where both tradition and modernity meet in a gorgeous explosion of color and patterns.

Each of Sano’s geta are unique in the way that every single one is covered by Japanese lacquered and painted eggshells! Indeed, each and every geta that Sano-san is working on features drawings covered by colored eggshells that he meticulously glues on creating a unique pair of traditional Japanese footwear every time.

Hitomi-san’s approach to geta design is different from her father’s as she does not use any eggshells on her works but focuses on building joyful and colorful creations with more modern patterns.

Finally, their geta are made to be used not only when wearing traditional Japanese clothes but also when wearing a nice pair of jeans!

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