Togakushi Hokosha

The Togakushi-Hōkōsha (宝光社) shrine is the second of the three major Togakushi shrines and is located rather close to the the main shrine the Togakushi-Chūsha (中社). Just slightly smaller than its bigger brother, this shrine is only accessible by a long and difficult set of stairs that will quickly do its best to make your journey more difficult in winter. I am not ashamed to admit that I slipped several times on my way down and had to finish my journey on my “lower back” to avoid any injuries.

Despite being small, Togakushi-Hōkōsha, is a gorgeous shrine with wonderful wood carvings that are a treat for our eyes. Add to that beauty the mystical silence of a snowy day and you have all the ingredients for a truly amazing experience.

Category: Nagano, TSV, Winter
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