Founded in 733 and converted to the Tendai Sect in 859, Jindai-ji is actually the second oldest temple in Tokyo area after Sensoji in Asakuasa. Rather difficult to access from Tokyo, Jindai-ji is actually located in the Tokyo suburb of Chofu, but this temple has much to offer for anyone willing to make the trip out there.

Beside the temple by itself, there are many things to do and discover at Jindai-Ji, chief among them a representation of the temple’s founder in the form of a wooden statue that Japanese people worship and touch for good luck. Less spiritual but still pretty mystical is the Gegege no Kitaro Chaya. This is a store dedicated to the Japanese manga and animation, Gegege no Kitaro, whose author, Shigeru Mizuki, took the temple as inspiration for his main character’s world.

Jindai-ji also hosts a pet cemetery as well as many Soba restaurants located by the temple entrance.

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