Located outside of Tokyo and just barely 30 minutes away from Tokyo central train station, Kawagoe has been made famous over the centuries for its Kurazukuri buildings (warehouses) from the Edo Period and its many suppliers of commodities to the people of Tokyo. Thanks to its many businesses and its strategical purpose, past Shoguns installed many of their most loyal men and lords in Kawagoe and its castle to secure this strategic business hub.

Today however, Kawagoe has lost its purpose and became, with time, a nice little tourist attraction outside of Tokyo that offers many nice souvenirs and Japanese treats. While it still features some stunning Edo designed buildings, the main historic street is today unfortunately disfigured by the wrath of heavy traffic. The non-stop onslaught of buses and trucks all day long annihilate any hope of enjoying this otherwise truly fantastic and well preserved “Little Edo”.

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