Tsumago-Juku (Kiso Valley)

Like Narai-Juku, Tsumago is yet another famous post town alongside the Nakasendo Highway section of the Kiso Valley during the Edo period that linked Kyoto to Edo, known now as… Tokyo. Unlike Narai-Juku however, Tsumago-Juku is one of the best preserved post towns in Japan and its residents have gone to great lengths to protect and recreate the ambiance of this ancient post town that was once the pride of all during the Edo Period. To help step back in time, cars are not allowed on the main street from 10am to 4pm and most, if not all. electric cables and other wires are concealed as much as possible.
Another noteworthy aspect of Tsumago-Juku is the presence of both the Honjin and Wakihonjin, where the Honjin served as a tavern or hotel for government officials while the Wakihonjin catered to the more regular travelers.

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