Tamba Kameyama Castle Ruins Park

Located in the center of Kameoka (Kyoto) you will find the ruins of the Tamba Kameyama Castle. It was built in 1578 by Akechi Mitsuhide as the headquarters for his attacks on the Tanba area. In 1609, Tokugawa Ieyasu, who controlled the area, worked in renovating this castle and used it as well as his HQ for attacks on Osaka Castle.

Now in ruins, there is nothing left of the castle. The whole ground has been owned by the Oomoto religious sect since 1919! Also, according to this very same sect, this place is their second most important spiritual center and now has the official name of “Ten’on-kyo” or the “Birthplace of Heavenly Benevolence”.

Despite its current condition and being part of a religious sect, the Tamba Kameyama Castle ruins feature a nice park that is worth visiting during the autumn foliage. If you happen to be around Kameoka in autumn make sure to check this place out!

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