Osu Shopping District

Located in the center of Nagoya, and nearby Osu Kannon temple, the Osu shopping district is a vast network of nice shopping arcades. These arcades spread across Osu Kannon street, Mioumon street, Osu Hon-dori, Mozen-cho street, Banshoji street, Higashi Nioumon street, Akamon street and Shintenchi Street.

First opened 400 years ago, the Osu shopping district is your typical Japanese shopping arcade, also known as shōtengai (商店街), where you can find pretty much everything you would ever need. There are many different kind of stores, restaurants and even small game arcades and pachinko parlors.
What makes the Osu shopping district so special is not only its 400 year old history, but also its 1,200 stores and its, prominent ‘otaku’ culture thanks to its annual “World Cosplay Summit”.

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