Oaraiisosaki Shrine

Erected in 856, the Oaraiisosaki Shrine, also known as Orai Isosaki-Jinja, houses a deity of medicine who’s known for granting happiness and matchmaking couples. Destroyed during a war lasting from 1558 to 1570, the shrine was then rebuilt in 1690. The project was overseen by the legendary samurai Tokugawa Mitsukuni, who also become very popular on Japanese TV, being featured on the TV drama Mito Komon from 1969 to 2011, with no less than 1227 episodes!

What makes this shrine special, besides its benefactor Tokugawa Mitsukuni, is its three torii gates. The first one is located on a rock formation in the sea known as the Kamiiso-no-torii, the second is a gigantic, 15.60m high and 22.42m wide, metallic one, know as the Ichi-no-torii located at the foot of the shrine’s hill. Finally the Ni-no-torii is located on top of the aforementioned hill and in front ot the shrine.

Often ignored by both Japanese and foreign tourists, Oaraiisosaki Shrine is one of those little wonders that are highly recommended to visit if you have the chance to travel around Ibaraki.

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