Ise Grand Shrine Naiku

Located in Mie prefecture and in the city of Ise, Ise Grand Shrine is a Shinto shrine dedicated to the Amaterasu-Omikami goddess . Spread across a vast part of Ise, Ise Grand Shrine is mainly composed of two major complexes known as Naiku and Geku.

Being the principal temple of Ise Grand Shrine, Naiku, is by far the most beautiful shrine of all, with trees as old as 800 years. Being one of Japan’s most sacred shrines it is not permitted for anyone to take photos or videos above a certain threshold, as well as the many partitions that keep the secret beauty of this place intact and only available to a certain few. Simple yet majestic, the shrine is unlike many others in Japan, rebuilt every 20 years from top to bottom including as well the Uji Bridge. This is a 100m long bridge, which also happens to be the only way for people like you and I to access the shrine.

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