Ikegami Honmon-ji

Erected where the Japanese Saint Nichiren supposedly died in 1282, Ikegami Honmon-ji has been since then the administrative headquarters, as well as the training and living quarters, of the Nichiren Shu followers.

Located on top of a hill within Tokyo’s Ota ward, Ikegami Honmon-ji features many temples and other cultural attractions that are worth checking when visiting Tokyo. Among these cultural attractions you will find the Statue of Saint Nichiren, the Choeido Temple, the grave and bust of Rikidozan, the father of Japanese professional wrestling during the Showa period, a magnificent 5-storied pagoda built in 1608, the majestic Ikegami Honmon-ji main hall or Daibo and finally the Tahoto, a large 2-storey red pagoda located on the west side of the main temple.

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