Daio Wasabi Farm

Located in Nagano and close to Matsumoto and it’s gorgeous castle, the Daio Wasabi Farm is one of Japan’s largest wasabi farms. It is a very popular tourist destination for both wasabi lovers and fans of the 1989 movie “Dreams”, directed by the late great Akira Kurosawa, that used the location’s unique scenery as the backdrop to the movie.

There you will be able to experience the distinctive wasabi flavor in different forms like ice cream, croquette, burgers and even beer. You will also have the chance to roam freely around different wasabi fields and see how people are cultivating it!

Also, and unlike many other plants, wasabi is extremely sensitive and difficult to cultivate on a large scale. Only a few places in Japan, including Nagano prefecture, Iwate prefecture and the Izu peninsula in Shizuoka prefecture are ideally suited for the large scale growing of wasabi. Finally it is also worth noting that wasabi’s growth is highly dependent on its water source and the cleaner the water is, the better the cultivation of the wasabi will be.

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