Walking around in Shibuya station

Today’s video marks the beginning of a new series of content about Japan where we will bring you along with us when we are walking around Tokyo and other areas. Unlike other videos we used to upload in the past, and that we will continue to upload in the future, these new “Everyday slice of Japanese Life” videos have no real goal but to share with you some moment of Japanese people’s lives throughout the year. We hope you will enjoy this new series of videos and please do not hesitate to leave your comments and reactions below.

Note : Shooting such videos with our usual gear is a bit tricky and we decided to opt for a more compact and easy-to-handle solution using a GoPro or DJI Osmo. As such the quality of these videos may not be as good as the ones we used to upload. Thank you for your understanding.

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- Serial Entrepreneur, 2008 Power50 Award Winner, I am now dedicating my time and energy in promoting a country that has been mine since 2002 : JAPAN!