Tamba Kokubun-ji

A remnant of a once larger temple from the Jodo sect and first built during the 8th century,
Tamba Kokubun-ji is one of many Kameoka City major cultural properties as well as been designated a national historical site. Too often ignore by tourists, foreign or not, Tamba Kokubun-ji is a gorgeous little temple where time stands still.

Inside Kokubunji Temple grows a native ginkgo tree which has earned the name of Chichi Icho (Mother’s Breast Ginkgo) and has long inspired the devout worship of women. Because this tree has been known to attach its seeds to its leaves, it is also called the “Ohatsuki Icho (Leaf-sticking Ginkgo)”.


Japan, 〒621-0003 Kyōto-fu, Kameoka-shi, Chitosechō Kokubu,


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