Omiya Bonsai Village

The Omiya Bonsai Village is the general name for the area on the north side of Omiya Park enclosed within the Tobu Noda Line and JR Utsunomiya Line. Known as one of the most outstanding bonsai cultivating areas in Japan, visitors can take delight in the bonsai all year round, as they change from one season to the next.

The area consists of five main Bonsai gardens, or Bonsai nurseries, including : Fuyu-En, Kyuka-En, Seiko-En, Mansei-En and Toju-En. The Omiya Bonsai Village has come over time to be not only one of the best places to buy and enjoy Bonsai, but also a place where a few very lucky people from around the world, come and learn the ancient art of Bonsai.

Please note that these Bonsai nurseries are private gardens and as such it is forbidden, without prior authorisation, to take photos or videos within the grounds.

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