Kitanomaru Koen (The Sakura Guide)

The Spot

Located on the other side of the moat of Chidorigafuchi is Kitanomaru Koen. The park opened to the public in 1969 and features sakura trees worth visiting. Unlike the Chidorigafuchi moats, this park allows people to enjoy hanami parties as well as a direct access to Tokyo’s National Museum of Modern Art. The park has a main yard with a few sakura trees along the pond and many others at the back of the park. Do not hesitate to explore a little bit. You can sit on the grass and eat while kids play around, but please note they may not be allowed to use balls or others items, like frisbees, that could harm others.There are no food stalls are in this park, but there is a restaurant in front of the Nippon Budokan.

Pro Photo Tip

Kitanomaru offers some nice simple views. What makes it interesting from a photographic point is the quantity of people enjoying hanami parties, a 100% Japanese tradition which you will be able to share and shoot. A standard zoom would be perfect for this exercise, such as a solid 24-70mm. When the water is steady you can even capture nice reflections of the sakura trees in the pond. Note that the park also offers nice views of Chidorigafuchi, from the other side of the canal. If you intend to shoot the boats as well, do not forget a longer zoom such as a 70-200 mm.

Access Info

Station : Kudanshita (Hanzomon, Shinjuku & Tozai Lines)
Entrance Fees : Free
Opening hours : 24H.

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Kitanomaru Koen (The Sakura Guide)

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