Iidabashi (The Sakura Guide)

The Spot

Iidabashi is famous for its line of sakura trees along the canal. Walking along Sotobori Dori will offer beautiful views, since the blossoms form a kind of archway over your head. Crossing the bridge towards Chiyoda will allow you to find a second line of sakura trees, under which you will be able to have a nice picnic in the purest hanami style. But beware, there is a university nearby and the students also enjoy hanami party so this side might be a little bit crowded. If you really need a rest, you will be able to sit at the Canal Café, near Iidabashi station, and even rent a rowboat for a hanami cruise.

Pro Photo Tip

The long line of sakura trees along Sotobori Dori allows you to frame superb shots of people watching the flowers. Those shots will be fantastic if you manage to isolate your subjects, by playing with the depth of field. Use the longest telephoto or zoom you have in your bag, and use it at its maximum aperture. Wait somewhere along the road, and snap your shots as soon as a nice subject arrives.

Access Info

Station : Iidabashi (JR, Namboku, Oedo, Tozai & Yurakucho Lines)
Entrance Fees : Free
Opening hours : 24H.

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Iidabashi (The Sakura Guide)

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