Enoshima Part I

Very popular among both Japanese and foreign tourists, Enoshima is a gorgeous little island just off the coast of the city of Fujisawa but still connected to it by a long bridge. With a circumference of about 4km, Enoshima offers many different attractions ranging from a marina, to different shrines, parks and caves hidden on its forested hill.

While most tourists will spend their time shopping in the busy, little shopping street of Enoshima, it is only when entering its forest that you can truly appreciate the beauty of this place and the beauty of its many shrines. Dedicated to the Benten Goddess of good fortune, wealth, music and knowledge the many shrines of Ensohima will take you slowly but surely deep within the island’s many wonders and up to its observatory that will give you a unique view on Mt. Fuji and the Enoshima coast.

Further down the road and in the 2nd part of this video (coming soon) we will discover Enoshima’s hidden village that features many little shops and restaurants as well as the island’s many caves and gorgeous rocky beach.

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