Edogawa Koen (The Sakura Guide)

The Spot

This little park is an excellent choice for a family hanami. Not too famous, and invisible from the street, the park is accessed through a little walkway along the river. After a while you will reach a big playground with slides and swings. Here you can rest, let the kids play, and have a hanami picnic. Usually two food stalls (yatai) are opened during this season, selling simple snacks such as sausages and steamed soy beans (edamame). Since it is unknown to most tourists, this location is a very local one, with ladies in kimono often coming to enjoy the blossoms. At dusk a beautiful set of pink and white paper lanterns is lit, adding again to the charm of the location.

Pro Photo Tip

Although quite small compared to the bigger parks mentioned in this guide, it offers many interesting sights for a camera addict. Ideally you should bring two different lenses: a telephoto (200mm and above) and a standard focal one (35~50mm). The telephoto will be useful for the lanterns in the cherry blossoms: the long focal can isolate one or two lanterns, losing the others in a very colourful bokeh. It can also capture the ladies in kimono who can be seen strolling around the park. Since the park is usually free of tourists, they might be reluctant to be photographed, so a little bit of distance may help. The standard focal lens lens will help you catch the local ambiance of the place. Towards the end of the season, it will also give yours shots a snowy effect.

Access Info

Station : Edogawabashi (Yurakucho Line)
Entrance Fees : Free
Opening hours : 24H.

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Edogawa Koen (The Sakura Guide)

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