Edo Kiriko

Edo Kiriko is a 180 year old Japanese craft founded during the Edo period. It originated from the skillful hands of a Japanese craftman, Kyubei Kagaya, who started exploring a unique technique of cutting patterns into the glass surface of different objects.

It was only during the Meiji period, or roughly 130 years ago, that Japanese Edo Kiriko started to bloom and this was due mainly to the European influence on the glass-cutting techniques that Japanese craftsmen started to combine with their own.
Unlike what could be seen in other countries, Japanese Edo Kiriko used the same patterns and designs that can often be seen on Kimono, for example.

While Edo Kiriko is not unique to Tokyo, the Sumida Edo Kiriko Shop, located not far from Tokyo Skytree, offers everyone the chance to purchase some gorgeous Edo Kiriko crafts, and also the possibility to experience this old craft first hand by creating your own Edo Kiriko glass!

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