Asukayama Koen (The Sakura Guide)

The Spot

Located on the north side of Tokyo, Asukayama Koen is one of the oldest hanami spots in Tokyo at 280 years old. With more than a hundred sakura trees and many picnic spots, Asukayama Koen will charm you with its simple atmosphere and elegance. Most parks and gardens in Tokyo were originally built for Shoguns, Daimyo or other tycoons as part of their mansions and so had their access restricted. Asukayama however has always been for regular citizens and quickly became so popular that many people came from all over Edo (Tokyo) to enjoy the place with friends and family.

Access Info

Station : Oji (JR & Namboku Lines)
Entrance Fees : Free
Opening hours : 24H.

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Asukayama Koen (The Sakura Guide)

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