Meguro-River (The Sakura Guide)

The Spot

Just a few stations away from Shibuya, the Meguro River is another famous hanami spot in Tokyo and will welcome you with more than 800 sakura trees on each side of the river. Beautiful by day, it is however by night that the place comes to life thanks to its many lanterns and lights.

Pro Photo Tip

It is extremely popular at night, so be ready to face a huge crowd and do not even think of bringing your tripod with you! For light cameras though, a Gorillapod attached to a guardrail may actually be the best solution. Otherwise pack light, use your fastest lens, crank-up the ISO a little and then you will have the chance to take some mind blowing night shots! A 35mm or 50mm equivalent should be enough, but in case you cannot use any tripod at all, try to use the fastest lenses you have in your bag.

Access Info

Station : Naka-Meguro (Hibiya & Tokyu Toyoko Line)
Entrance Fees : Free
Opening hours : 24H.

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Meguro-River (The Sakura Guide)

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