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Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka… are cities of tradition and modernity, refined dining and sticky street food, sleek skyscrapers, and centuries-old temples. The neon lights, towering buildings, and Michelin-starred restaurants might draw you in, but it’s the soft pink of the cherry blossoms, the hectic, noisy markets, and the steaming plates of street-side Yakisoba that leave the most lasting impressions.

The nights out are crazy and multifaceted; the trips to the temples, calming and restorative. At any one time in any of these cities, anime fanatics and tech-heads hunting for the latest gadgets are shuffling around Akihabara or Nipponbashi Denden Town in Osaka , visitors to the city are engaging with Edo history and culture in Asakusa or the amazing streets of Gion in Kyoto, diners are about to hand over their credit card in one of the city’s expensive, award-winning sushi restaurants, or a few coins for a bowl of chankonabe – food of the sumo.Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka are exciting, vibrant whirlwind of colors, aromas, and sounds, with surprises around every corner.

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