Tama River at Futako-Tamagawa

The Tama River of Tama-gawa, is a 138 km-long river that spreads across three prefectures: Yamanashi, Kanagawa and Tokyo. With its source located at Mt. Kasadori in Koshu Yamanashi, the Tama River has been a major supplier of fresh water to Edo (now known as Tokyo) via a well-engineered aqueduct system, the Tamagawa Josui, built in 1653 by the Tamagawa brothers.

Today, the river is like any of the major rivers in Japan, a place for people to relax by having BBQs, playing sport on its banks, or enjoying nature in its many forms including fishing.

It will be nearly impossible to shoot all of the gorgeous spots that the Tama River offers in a single video, and today we will concentrate our attention on a nice and trendy town called Futako-Tamagawa, where like many people from the surrounding area come to have a rest and enjoy nature with friends and family.

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