I was really happy to wake up in the night… we were going to see the cherry blossoms at Chureito Pagoda, in Fujiyoshida! I left home before 4 am, picked up Gonzague on the way and took the highway, straight to Fujiyoshida. We arrived at 6 am, found the parking area and faced a guy explaining us that there were no places left. At 6 am ! We did not have to wait too long though. Then we started climbing the stairs and faced what we feared: as early as we were, the spot was already packed with people. Many were already leaving, meaning that they came here for the sunset ! Arrived up, the peaceful pagoda felt rather like the Shibuya scramble crossing at rush hour.
So, was our trip worth it ? Yes, since the view is really unique. But I won’t get there on a “hanami weekend” any time soon.

Gear used: Fujifilm GFX-50S + 63mm f/2.8

What does it take to “enjoy” iconic landscapes ?

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