Ok, to be faire we reached over 100 Videos on our YouTube Channel a few weeks ago, but since yesterday we are proud to announce that TokyoStreetView.com host now 100 videos and can be access anytime, anywhere here : https://www.tokyostreetview.com/discover-japan/

So now what next? Well first of all we are still planning to shoot more videos and hope to to reach the 300 mark by the end of the year… (We have 50 more videos already uploaded on YouTube ready to publish). Then, if everything goes according to plan we not only hope to get more videos and reach the 1,000 Mark by 2016/17 but also launch a new website that we hope you will enjoy.

Anyway, we just want thank you again and again for your continuous support and hope you will enjoy our future videos!

Note : Photo of Oshima taken two weeks ago from Izukogen.

We have now 100 videos on TokyoStreetView.com!

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