TVS is celebrating its first anniversary!!!

Believe it or not, it has now been a full year since we started TokyoStreetView in its actual form, and to be fair, we are pretty happy with the results so far!

Talking about results, let’s see where we are at now:

Want some numbers? Well here you are :
– Viewership growth : 650% in the last 6 months
– Subscriber growth : 570% in the past 6 months
– 130 Videos published and 220 Videos recorded so far
– We will reach the 10,000 YouTube subscribers mark by the middle of next month
– We will reach the 1 Million total views on YouTube in early December

And all this, with absolutely no active promotion at all, only relying on simple word-of-mouth promotion.

So yep, so far we are doing quite well on our own and this again, without actively promoting our videos. That’s really something!

So what’s next now?

Well for starters, we are going to continue what we are doing that’s for sure! We have roughly 800 more videos to shoot (including locations and cultural aspects of Japan), and hope we will be able to reach our 1,000 Video target within a year, or at most a year and a half. But we also have plans to do other things that will help us to continue this project, but, unlike making videos, these are taking a bit more time than we initially expected.

But all in all, we are on a rock solid path to becoming the world’s first 4K Video library of Japan! And this is truly AMAZING!

You are our leitmotiv and only you can help us going forward.

Even though we enjoy shooting videos of Japan and sharing them with you, it is your continuous support that helps us to wake-up at 1am in the morning and drive for sometimes up to 10 hours to shoot videos for you. In somes cases we’ll walk in the middle of nowhere from 4am until 3pm just to get the right shot for you!

We’re not kidding on this one! You cannot imagine the amount of work we are putting into these videos. A typical day for us is to start shooting from 7am until 4pm (no lunch breaks!) and from 4pm to 7pm we double check all the footage and plan for the next day, or go back to shoot what we screwed up. It is only at around 8pm that we take a real meal, then fall asleep around 9pm, dead of exhaustion. Now if this is not commitment, I don’t know what is!

But, the reality of things is that, despite being paid the royal sum of $95 USD per month by YouTube, we are starting to worry about the future of this project and it is why today, we are asking for your help.

As you can imagine making these videos all across Japan is not free, and while I do not want to enter into too much detail, it cost us 10,000 to 13,000 yen ($85 to $110) in hotels and transportation fees alone to shoot a single video. And with 800 more videos to come we are today humbly asking for your help and hope you will consider donating to this project to help us to achieve our goal.

This is why, we are launching officially today our Patreon page where you will be able to help us, for as little as $1USD per video to finance this project

TokyoStreetView on Patreon, click here to learn more.


Now I know, things are tough for everyone and we are not expecting you to pour hundreds of dollars every week into this project, unless you really want to! But anything you can spare, even if it is a one-time donation, will really help us to continue this project and help us to come to you with 2 new videos of Japan per week!

Take a look at our Patreon page. We are not coming to you empty-handed here, and for people that help us we have a few nice rewards for them that we will increase with time (who said T-shirts?!?!?).

Anyway, I know that you will do your best and if we are here today it is only thanks to you, and we are really looking forward to our next trip around Japan and shooting some amazing videos for you!

Oh, and if you have any suggestions to help us in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you all!

Again thank you, and hope to see you soon on!


TVS is celebrating its first anniversary!!!

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