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This week mark the 2nd anniversary of the TokyoStreetView – Japan The Beautiful project, and I have to admit that we are blessed! Blessed indeed since our channel is now strong of over 28,000 Subscribers and with almost 3.5 Million views since we started!

Quite an achievement indeed, but we are also proud to announce that since July some major Japanese companies are participating to this project as well and offers us a wide range of advantages to help us shooting videos around Japan and we would like to take this opportunity to thanks everyone who are helping us starting with:

  • All of you who are supporting us financially Prateon
  • All of you who are watching our videos as well as sharing them and comment on them

But also:

  • Navitime Japan
  • Nippon Rent a Car
  • Willer Express

By giving us access to their vehicles and logistical support!


Now to celebrate this 2nd anniversary we would like to introduce a new series of videos “ The TokyoStreetView Behind The Scene”. This new videos, available at first once a month will be our first attempt to Vlog or video blogging where we will talk share with you everything that happened during our journey around Japan and between each videos, as well as a focus on what kind of gear with us to make these videos and other info we may found relevant to share with you.

Now, we have to admit that we are quite new to the Vlog thingy and my very thick French accent may prove to be quite a challenge for your ears, but rest assure that we are doing our best to make these videos as fun as interesting to watch as well as working hard on improving them.

No without any further ado, here you are our first Behind the Scene video with the Aomori & Iwate Road Trip Part 1! (English and French subtitles included)

TokyoStreetView 2nd anniversary and Behind the Scene Series

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