Japanese heritage can be found in many places in, and around Japan. Last week we were in Taïwan for the chinese new year, and we had the chance to spend a few nights in this wonderful tobacco farm, located in the Rift Valley on the eastern side of Taïwan. This farm, now transformed into a café / Bed and Breakfast, was established under the Japanese occupation (Taïwan has been a japanese colony between 1895 and1945).

In order to help the japanese migrants increase their income, the japanese government decided to transform this area into a “tobacco region”. Many facilities were built, with two different styles according to their owners origin. The Osaka style (with a very high roof like the one above, making it very efficient in tobacco processing, but also very fragile in case of typhoon) , and the Hiroshima style (lower, less efficient, but way more typhoon-proof).

Some times ago, the Taiwanese authorities decided to help locals preserve this heritage, making the region of Fenglin – Hualien a wonderful place to dive into the japanese history.

Gear used: Nikon D810 + 24-70mm f/2.8G

The japanese tobacco farm… in Taïwan

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