As I am living to Miyagi this Sunday for a week, I am right now preparing my next trip and plan to spend some times at the end of this month in Akita. The last time I was in Akita is was several years ago and my memory of the place is a little fuzzy. Still there is place I want to visit and shoot : The historical village of Amasagimura.

With very limited information about this place on the internet, at least in English, I contacted the nice people of Amasagimura and asked them to send over some information and, if possible, a map of their recommended trek the “Kameda Walk”.

This afternoon, the mailman drop a large envelop for me with all the information I needed for my trip. But what I was not expected is that they would actually create a map for me with historical map they add from the place and took the time to make a color copy of it and write down annotations for me, as well as taking the time to write, by hand, a nice note about this map.

These are the kind of small attention that make Japan such a wonderful place to live in and this and which make it impossible for someone like me to ever consider settling back in my home country.

The beauty is in the details

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