Sleeping in temples can prove very comfortable, many of them having beautiful rooms to rent, often much better than many ryokans, the atmosphere of the temple adding much to the global picture. But to enjoy this, you’ll have to comply to certain rules: some temples require that you wake up early to attend the morning ceremony, some have strict schedules for the bathroom usage, some won’t serve any alcohol to their guests (but some others provide bars and alcohol vending machines… each temple has its own rules). But as far as we could see while staying a few days in Koyasan, all of them serve vegetarian food only. A beautifully prepared one called “shoujin ryouri”, with for instance, fake sashimis made of konyaku, vegetables, soups, fruits. The all around star being the “goma tofu”. This one only looks like tofu, but is not really tofu since it is not made with soy milk, but based on sesame, kuzu root and water. Taste and texture are quite nice, very soft and quite different from traditional tofu.

Gear used: Fujifilm X-T3 + 23mm f/1.4

Temple food: goma tofu superstar

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