If you are looking for the best Glamping (Glamourous Camping) experience near Tokyo, SweetGrass may be what you are looking for!

This year Christmas present came in the form of a stay at SweetGrass latest Cabin, which as you can see offer some of the best outdoor experience (in the middle of a forest) with all the luxury of a house, including a nice fireplace, bath, Kitchen with microwave, fridge… and a state of the art grill for a good old fashion BBQ!

Now despite being as stunning as you can imagine, this cabin still has a few flow which chief among them: poor sleeping quarters and I would strongly advise you to bring along with you your pillow and if possible some portable mattress, at least if like me you want to avoid a trip to the chiropractor few days later.

Anyway despite its few flows, Good lord can we have a real bed!!!, I can’t recommend you enough to go and try one of the many cabins of SweetGrass and rest assure that they have a wide range of cabins that will fit your budget.

Note: We paid for our stay by ourselves and was actually our Christmas present. Also we would strongly advise you to go there off peak season for the best deal!

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SweetGrass Karuizawa, Glamping at its best!

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