Shimbashi by night is a totally different Tokyo. Forget the business-clean-mannered daytime city you may know. Little izakaya light up all the lanterns they can, people fill those narrow alleys to enjoy drinks and snacks,restaurants and bar staffs try to “fish” some customers while many girls propose massage or drink services, “et probablement plus si affinité” as we use to say in French (roughly meaning that you might expect a little bit more than just a massage or a drink). I like this kind of ambiance, these lights, these sounds, these crowded smelly messy little mazes. No agressivity, no harassment, no animosity of any kind here. Wandering there, drinking a beer of two is a really nice experience.
But as we walked to Yurakucho following the train tracks, what a shock to discover that many of the little and beautiful izakaya under the tracks had been closed, and destroyed. Lots of them, suddenly… Tokyo Olympics are already showing their ugly face: loclal politicians jumping on the occasion to sanitize the city, erasing so many of these typical places just to replace them with modern tasteless places, all of them seemingly identical without any personality or charm.

Gear used: Fujifilm GFX-50S + 110mm f/2

Shimbashi nights

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