When I started TokyoStreetView a few months ago I knew that such 4K Ultra HD contemplative videos of Japan will be dedicated to a niche of people and would be hard to “sell” to the general population and guess what? I was wrong!

Granted that over a 1,000 Subscribers on YouTube is somehow, scratch that, REALLY laughable compared to a PweiDiePie and its 35 Millions plus subscribers, but we are not playing in the same category and while I admire what he accomplished I am with TokyoStreetView trying, in my own way, to capture and immortalize a whole country beauty for the future generations to come (Oh my gosh this sound pretentious) and help people that for many reasons cannot fly to Japan to have the chance to discover this beautiful country.

I know my journey will be long and difficult, I know that I still have a lot to learn, improve, but I sincerely believe in what I am doing and your continuous support helps everyday to get out and shoot more videos for you.

Want to help TokyoStreetView and I? Just spread the word around you and share as much as you can TokyoStreetView’s videos!

Again, thank you very much to all of you and let’s try to reach another milestone by the end of this year with at least 5,000 subscribers on YouTube!


TokyoStreetView reached this weekend another Milestone!

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- Serial Entrepreneur, 2008 Power50 Award Winner, I am now dedicating my time and energy in promoting a country that has been mine since 2002 : JAPAN!