We are back online baby!

So what happened? TokyoStreetView’s website and domain, as well as many other we own, were all hosted in a company that collapse (Company T) a few month ago and where customers, like yours truly, were sold and migrated to another and shadier corporation (company L) that nobody heard off prior to the acquisition of the collapsed Company T.

Since Company L support team never reply to any questions sent to them by email and that the only way to get things done and to fix any potential problems was to personally call the owner of the collapse Company T, we decided to move away from them.

Now while the migration of the website by itself went amazingly smoothly, the transfer from the domain from one registrar to another was not. Let me explain you in details what went wrong.

Prior to migrate the domain name we contacted Gandi.net to ask them what had to be done and they provided us everything needed for the migration. The day of the migration we had 1 full week to prepare the DNS Zone for the domain and took time to share what we did to Gandi.net support team and had their blessing. Once the domain available on Gandi.net We Admin, we quickly link the new DNS Zone to it and waited…And as you would have guess it is when all break loose.

We contacted Gandi.net several times and always replied us that the problem was not coming from Gandi.net but rather from OVH. Rather frustrating to hear this for nearly 12hrs when we knew for sure that the server was doing just fine. It is only at the very end that, finally, someone at Gandi.net realised that in the previously checked DNS Zone we made a tiny little mistake in one of the IP address changing a 4 into a 6.

Granted the error came from us, but these settings were approved by Gandi.net prior the swap and it is only after hours of conversation with their support that someone finally realised there were a Typo.

Anyway, we are back online with however a few timeout errors that we need to fix, but all in all we are alive!

Oh and if you were wondering why we choose the above title for this blog post, which perfectly resume what happened to us, please have a look at the video below (From Spin City)


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